Once upon a time ...


There was a need for kids to have fun and an equal need for parents to provide this fun.

How it started

So...the grandson of a crafty carpenter had a dream while he slept to start building playscapes that would be the best adventure any kid could go on. He envisioned kids having a place in their own backyard that could serve as their outlet for play away from today's technology and bring them back to good ole' fashioned outdoor fun. His curiosity for learning, passion for designing and building, and knowledge of carpentry led him to begin building awesome playscapes for a swingset company when no other playscape companies were around and the wholesale clubs and toy stores hadn't discovered China Fir yet.

How we grew

After ten years of playscape building, party hosting, moonbounce delivering and countless playscape moves and upgrades...TimberGyms completed the circle of trust with our customers... and we earned the reputation of the playscape company that exceeds all expectations. We put the same care into crafting our heavy duty playscapes as we put into our birthday parties. Our mission is to make sure that parents get to take a break from being parents when they put their trust in the strength, quality and craftsmanship of every TimberGyms playscape.


As our team has grown and our expertise sharpened, TimberGyms skilled installation crew have also built many decks, porches, sheds, fences, gazebos and custom playhouses for our customers.Need a project done at home and not sure who to ask? Ask the trusted staff at TimberGyms...there's a good chance one of your neighbors has a TimberGyms Deck, Shed or Playhouse!

The Future

2020 marks the start of year 25 building playscapes for our team leader and our installation crew.
Our pride, our passion for constantly improving quality and efficiency, and our dedication to TimberGyms are the traits that set us apart from the competition and gain our customers valued trust. While many national chains and wholesale clubs sacrifice quality of their product for quantity of units to fulfill their executive's orders to maximize profits, TimberGyms values every relationship with our customers and their children. We pride ourselves on strength, quality and endurance of our product so that the TimberGyms playscape you choose for your family...will be the only playset you will ever buy.
We also have introduced the Shanty Shack™ line of custom crooked playhouses and swingsets is rapidly earning a branch on the TimberGyms tree of quality! Interested? Shop for your Shanty Shack™ today