Back Yard Ice Rinks by Nicerink™

Skate on your very own backyard ice rink all winter long with a Nicerink™ installed by TimberGyms


Imagine, stepping out the back door, into the crisp winter air, past the warm glow of a fire pit, under the winter sky riddled with stars and onto a pristine slab of untouched marble ice that is yours to carve. If that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of what could be, then you are ready to join the 1000's of NiceRink families around the globe


Almost any size is available, call or email us to see what can fit in your backyard today!!


Rink upgrades & options

Backstop netting

Resurfacers - available in 32", 52" & 66" widths

Nicerink pieces and parts

Nicerink™ Brackets

Nicerink™ Plastic Sideboards

Works best on flat yards

Nicerink™ Bumper Caps

Holds kickplates on, protects from falls onto boards, looks great!

Nicerink™ Premium Kickplates

Protect your liner from skates, sticks, pucks and shovels