Summer is for Swing Sets!

Summer is here and our children need active play. It's the perfect time of year for them to exercise and get as much outdoor play as possible. Summer is for swing sets, fun, longs days, short nights, vacations, sun, and lots of activity. Outdoor fun on a swing set can increase a child’s focus when learning and offer many other important benefits. Perhaps most importantly, active children are healthier – physically and mentally. A physically active lifestyle is crucial for life-long health and physical and emotional wellbeing. To develop good habits, children should be physically active every day, as it encourages development of motor skills, strength, and balance, and playing with other children. Something as simple as climbing on a rock ladder and sliding down a slide can increase a child’s confidence. Playing outside on a swing set also opens up a world of imagination for children and they learn best when their whole bodies and minds are stimulated, and being active does just that.

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