Back to School!

It’s that time again, and by now your children are charging forward into new grades, meeting new teachers, making new friends, re-connecting with old friends, discovering new activities, learning new curriculum or advancing in home school studies, either way they will be setting out on a bright new path. All the summer routines of late wake ups, weekly ice cream, late night summer movies, weekly sleepovers, vacations, and all things summer 2016 are now behind them. With all that said, TimberGyms would like to wish everyone a happy, safe, and successful 2016 school year and want to remind you that children need to be active every day, encouraging development of motor skills, strength, and balance. Our doors are open for after school activities everyday and if you’re still in the market for your very own Playscape at home, its not too late as we are still taking orders and can put you on our install schedule. Stay connected with us on Facebook for all up and coming sales, and visit us on the web at for all products and open play hours.

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