Rainy Day Activities at TimberGyms

With summer in full swing, and sunny days abundant, we can also have gloomy weather forcing you to change plans. Rain and sudden summer storms can leave you without activities for little ones keeping them yet again confined to inside the house. We all know that no matter how many crafts, games, movies, toys, treasure hunts, etc. you conjure up for them, this too will eventually not be enough. That’s one of the main reasons we created open play at TimberGyms, where your little ones can climb, slide, ride, jump, bounce and PLAY all day in our giant indoor playground. Let TimberGyms help you to ward off boredom (for both you and your kids) and join us on rainy days for endless activities in our giant indoor play-space. TimberGyms is age-appropriate from infant to 10 years old and is hands down the best place in Connecticut to come play indoors!

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