Kids off from School? Rainy Outside? Fun starts at TimberGyms!

Unseasonably warm days during winter can lead to rainy, muddy / mushy conditions outside. TimberGyms is warm inside and we promise that there will be no muddy clothes to wash after an afternoon of climbing, sliding, and bouncing in our giant indoor playground. We are also a great solution for half day / full days off from school. TimberGyms has many different areas for imaginative play, from boats to castles, slides, connecting tunnels, and so much more. We encourage you to stop by and let your little ones let their imaginations run wild while playing castle, where a beautiful princess is kept captive by a dragon, or set sail at sea on pirate ship, or just be allowed to exercise their super powers, all before nap time. Open Play at TimberGyms is M-F 10am to 4pm (We are also open till 6PM if no evening parties are in session). Visit us online for more information and don’t forget while at TimberGyms to take home a Creative Playthings Catalogue on all the different Play Sets we offer and take advantage of pre-season sales!

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