Inflatable Season is Here!­

Now is the perfect time to reserve your inflatable for your birthday party or summer event from TimberGyms. We have a huge selection of water slides, dry slides, bounce houses, castles, themed bouncers, obstacle courses, playscapes, combo units, and even interactive bouncers! Choose from one of hundreds of selections for hours of endless fun for your little ones and memories to last forever. Inflatables are a great way to keep children entertained for hours but just as anything else there are things to know and some general guidelines to follow to allow for safe play.

An adult must always be present to supervise.

Before entering, have children take off their shoes, glasses, and jewelry. Make sure they empty their pockets of any sharp objects, as well.

Teach children to not roughhouse, tumble, wrestle or do flips. Have them stay away from the entrance or exit, and the sides or walls of the bouncer.

A bounce house should be placed on a flat, even surface. Be sure the area is free of all rocks, sticks or objects sticking up from the ground, like sprinklers.

If the bouncer begins to lose air, or if it’s too windy, have all children carefully exit the bouncer.

If the bounce house is set up on a hard surface, place a soft surface around the entrance/exit of the bounce house.

These are just some of the general rules for safe play when using inflatables for your event, please make sure to go over all the rules and safety precautions with our trained staff prior to inflatable rental to ensure an amazing time is had for all.

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