Hot Summer Sale

Summer is in full swing, as are camps, public pools, playgrounds, and activities galore for your little ones to stay busy. There’s still nothing like home base and having a little backyard oasis for all to run, jump, play, pretend, or even just sit quietly and read a book or have a picnic. If you already have a play set from TimberGyms and wishing you could add on, then now is the time. We have plenty of accessories in stock for you to add to your existing play set to switch it up a bit and give your children some new ways to keep occupied. If you don’t have a play set from us and have been wondering how much they cost, what sizes can you get, what layouts can you make, which ones are age appropriate, and any other questions you may have, we are happy to help you in answering all questions. Our showroom has several different floor models your little ones can come tryout and our sales staff is ready to help you with the entire experience. There are financing options as well as a huge “Hot Summer Sale” from Creative Playthings going on - and right now is the perfect time to see what its all about. Come into TimberGyms today.

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