Summer 2018 is here!

Summer is here and if your little ones are not out of school already they will be shortly! With so many options for summer programs these days, lets not forget where they will most likely spend the majority of their time, right in their own back yard. There’s only so many camps and only so many hours your children can attend programs and activities, the rest of the time will be spent at home. That’s why a backyard swing set that is loaded with options can be a great way for them to spend their time while at home. Climbing, swinging, imaginary play, and being a part of nature by being outside breathing fresh air can yield tons of benefits. Engaging in outdoor play promotes cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being, offering the necessary conditions for children to thrive and learn. Through play, children can experiment, solve problems, think creatively, cooperate with others, etc., gaining a deeper knowledge about his/herself and the world. A back yard playscape that has swings, a slide, tunnels, a fort, a castle, a boat, monkey bars, climbing rope and rock wall, are all great elements to help them grow. To see a variety of swing sets please stop by TimberGyms where your little ones can ride, jump, bounce and PLAY all day in our giant indoor playground.

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