Indoor and Outdoor Play are Both Equally Important

Whether your child is playing indoors or outdoors, the fact is that they are being challenged to use their imaginations and develop strong motor skills. Outside time allows children to learn through constructive play, social play, socio-dramatic play and rule-based games. Spending time outdoors also helps to raise vitamin D levels that help to prevent future bone problems, diabetes, and heart disease and may also help boost the immune system. Indoor play helps children use their imagination to become doctors, firefighters, police officers, hairstylists, restaurant owners, teachers, stage performers, and can do so in a more controlled environment. Indoor play also encourages creativity - kids are more likely to use their creative side when engaging in certain activities indoors. Arts and crafts and story time encourage kids to be thoughtful and imaginative in ways they can’t always express outside. Indoor play embraces not only children who love to pretend but also supports children who love to create art and experiment with different types of paint, stencils, pens, makers, glue and even doing rudimentary science experiments. So one can truly see how indoor and outdoor play are equally important and keeping children busy doing either will always have its benefits.

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