Birthday Parties at TimberGyms

With fall in full effect one thing is certain, the colder weather is here to stay. If your child’s birthday happens to be this time of year why not make TimberGyms your place for non-stop birthday party fun and adventure. No need to worry about the temperature outside or precipitation when you can plan ahead and deliver memories to last a lifetime. Lots of different packages with endless options to choose from allow for perfection when it comes time for that magical day. Length of stay, food, cake, games, stationary, activities, magic shows, favor bags, and so much more can be custom tailored to meet your party needs. Birthday guests will love climbing, sliding, and bouncing the day away during their very own private party and with all the awesome options available, you are sure to leave with a happy and satisfied child. We host parties with the same care and creativity with which we build our playsets. Let us take care of all your party needs as we put the safety and enjoyment of your child and all of our guests first! Contact TimberGyms today!

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