Helping Children beat The Winter Blues

Winter can be a long season. Around this time of year many of us start to feel sluggish. As the days get shorter and colder, we spend more time indoors and are exposed to less natural sunlight. This can lead to decreased energy and a sluggish mood. The dark grey winter sky and lack of constant sunlight play a big role in how children’s moods are affected. There are plenty of ways to help them get through the winter blues and get them looking forward to the sweet smell of spring that is always right around the corner.

Exercise increases the amount of serotonin in the brain and helps to improve mood. Though you may not be able to get outside on the coldest days, look for indoor play activities!

Get out of the house whenever possible. Bundle up and take a brisk walk with them to get some fresh air and a little sunlight.

Engage in fun activities like playing board games, doing arts-and-crafts projects, or baking has been proven to elevate their mood (and yours).

Fun activities can be enjoyable by ourselves, but are often even more pleasurable when done with other people. Plan a lunch or dinner party with your neighbors or your children's friends.

Being productive and accomplishing goals can also elevate ones mood. Take advantage of having to stay indoors by tackling chores or projects you don’t usually have time for and have them pitch in!

Help them to rest and relax. listen to calming music, get them read a fun book.

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