Why Choose To Buy Your Swing Set From TimberGyms?

For swing sets TimberGyms carries Creative Playthings … exclusively. For 22 years we have been inviting the public into our showroom to put their swing sets through the paces live in person instead of you guessing at an online or big box store product. Here some of the facts we’d like you to know about Creative Playthings when considering a swing set.

  • Creative Playthings is an American Manufacturer, and has proudly been making swing sets in the USA since 1951.

  • Their swing sets are built using only the best wood: Southern Yellow Pine.

  • Each swing set is made safe, sturdy, and as close to commercial as you can get.

  • Their swing beam is extra durable due to their unique design.

  • Creative Playthings also makes custom swing sets, allowing you to design the swing set of your child’s dreams from scratch.

  • There’s plenty of room to grow: You can always add extra play decks and accessories as your family grows.

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