TimberGyms proudly services playsets of all shapes and sizes! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can perform maintenances, repairs, moves, upgrades, and more to ensure that your playset many more years of fun and safe play!

Moving your Playset

Did you buy a beautiful playscape from us and now your moving? Let us know and we will do our best to help transport your playscape to your new location. Contact us for a quote. 

Tuneups - Repairs - Stains

Our beautifully constructed Playsets from Creative Play Things will last for years to come and like anything else the longevity is in the care and preventative maintenance. We can provide different color stains to help preserve your wooden playscape, tune-ups to keep all moving parts fastened appropriately for safety, and repairs should something need fixing. Contact us for a quote. 

Add-ons - Upgrades - Re-configurations

Are you totally loving your playscape and want to add on? We offer many options for upgrades and add ons for ALL of our Creative Playthings Playsets. Visit our Accessories page for add-ons and up grades or visit our Playset page for inspiration by scanning through the many different options and configurations!

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